Anne Marie D'Agostino is a 1991 graduate of Claremont McKenna College and the Founder and Creator of AMD Originals. As a lifelong entrepreneur, she coined the tagline "This is an AMD Original" at age six. She was so inspired by her experience at Claremont, she designed her own version of a class ring because no other ring would do. Anne Marie created a simple and elegant women's ring for herself and a men's version of the ring for her brother Charlie '87. Many years later her classmates continued to admire her ring. Knowing she had a classic on her hands, Anne Marie was called to create a larger product line for CMC. Through AMD Originals, Anne Marie has been able to share her unique personal story and vision with the Claremont community.

How it's Made

Each piece of AMD Originals jewelry was conceived and designed by Anne Marie D'Agostino and is custom made with pristine craftsmanship. Ten carat yellow gold, white gold, or sterling silver, is used to form the shank of the ring which is then engraved and hand carved in Anne Marie's unique and trademarked design. The full line is reflective of the pride and honor that is synonymous with being a Claremont alumni.


The AMD Originals CMC emblem rings and other jewelry are now available. Click here to get yours.